Data supply Chain Optimisation


Data Supply Chain Optimisation

Data Supply Chain Optimisation

InfoLogic has been managing data contracts for our customers on behalf of suppliers for over 30 years. Our unique knowledge helps our customers acquire appropriate licences for the data they need, at a fair price and ensures that they receive all data updates they are entitled to in a timely and efficient manner.

Large businesses often have departments licensing data they need directly with suppliers which leads to a multitude of data products being supplied from a wide range of industry suppliers. Independent purchasing of data can lead to many problems that InfoLogic can help rectify.

Do You Have Duplicate Licences?

When organisations have departments responsible for their own purchasing, it is very common to see organisations purchasing the same data from various suppliers (or even the same supplier) resulting in duplicated licences and associated licence fees. InfoLogic can undertake a review of all data licences held by an organisation to help identify potential duplication and suggest remedial action to consolidate licences and reduce your licence fees.

In one instance we saved a client over £70,000 per annum in duplicate licence fees alone covering the cost of undertaking the exercise many times over!

Is Your Data Inconsistent?

Many types of data are available from various suppliers and in addition to having their own strengths and weaknesses – they are all different. Typical examples are Postcode data, business address lists, census data and so on. We have encountered situations where independent departments purchase data from different suppliers and whilst fulfilling the task required for the department, it can lead to contradictory information when the two sets of data are viewed together.

InfoLogic can review such data duplication and work with the relevant departments to find a common solution that meets all requirements. In addition to maintaining data integrity and consistency, by consolidating the data supply to a single supplier then licence fees and administrative overheads are also reduced.

Is Your Data Fit For Purpose?

On the face of it, many data products appear the same but how they are created and maintained can have a significant impact on the quality of your business systems, reporting and, ultimately, your decision making. As mentioned above, each supplier and product has its own strengths and weaknesses and we help you understand what these are so you can select the solution that provides the best fit for your individual requirements.

A recent example of a review we undertook for a client was whether they should use a locational database that provides a grid reference for an individual Postcode or a database that provides a grid reference for each individual property within the Postcode. Whilst the difference in respective licence fees was significant, we helped the client undertake an internal review to establish the potential impact on their business for both options. Following the review the client was able to make a confident decision on which product was best suited to their specific requirement.

Are You Getting Your Updates?

All data degrades over time. New addresses are created, local authority boundaries change, Members of Parliament resign and are replaced, new Postcodes are introduced by Royal Mail and so on. To ensure your business processes and analyses are efficient and accurate you need to keep your data as up to date as possible.

We can help with that task too. We have built many relationships with data suppliers and can help liaise with them to understand the frequency of updates, how they are delivered and how best you can implement the updates into your own systems.

We can even manage the entire administration of data supply and update management so you don’t have to worry about it. We liaise with your suppliers and ensure you get your updates in the format you need, when you need them. You don’t need to chase several suppliers – we do that for you. And we will keep you up to date with all aspects of your data supply chain and pride ourselves on getting you the information before you need to ask us for it!

If you would like to find out more about how we may be able to reduce your licence fees and improve your data supply chain efficiency, please feel free to contact us with a summary of your requirement and we will be happy to excplain how we think we can help.