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Business Information Mapping

As the old adage says: “a picture is worth a thousand words” and never was this truer than when considering how to digest the rising number of business reports and volumes of information required to run a successful business.

As an example, consider viewing an Excel spread sheet containing over 25,000 employee addresses and trying to determine how far they commute to your office. Or having a list of customers and trying to decide how best to organise your account manager territories to ensure all customers are serviced efficiently?

In many business functions such as sales, marketing, distribution, public relations, franchising and supply chain management, maps can add clarity and insight to what would ordinarily be arduous and time consuming tasks.

Sales Territory Management

Sales Territory Management

High Quality Mapping

InfoLogic are partners of Ordnance Survey, Collins Bartholomew and the Office of National Statistics and therefore have access to the most accurate and widest range of map data currently available. We combine this with your own business information to provide maps that tell the story of your business.

We make it easier to see where your business currently is and where the opportunities lay to uncover new business, focus your business resources and improve your profitability.

And maps can be supplied as part of a software solution using Google Maps or a variety of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), digital documents such as PDF’s or as high quality printed wall maps for prominent display on your office wall.

Recent Mapping Projects

We have conducted many custom mapping projects since we began and here are just a few examples to illustrate the breadth of our service:

  1. Mapping of national account manager territories for a national legal helpline.
  2. Mapping the concentration of employee records by Parliamentary Constituency for a national UK manufacturer.
  3. Mapping the London 2012 Olympic routes.
  4. Mapping educational grant zones for a local educational foundation.
  5. Mapping dealer trade areas for a national chain of car dealerships.

If you are not sure if we can help, please feel free to contact us with a summary of your requirement and we will be happy to discuss your requirement further with you.