Data Driven Business Intelligence

Business Data Intelligence

Business Data Intelligence

All businessesĀ – regardless of sizeĀ and industry – rely on accurate data to make informed decisions about their operations. Common examples include:

  • Where to focus your marketing effort
  • Where to recruit more sales staff
  • Which households fall within an environmental risk zone
  • How many franchises can a region support
  • Which Members of Parliament are most important to your business
  • Which addresses are within specific London Boroughs

But whilst every business relies on data intelligence, every business faces different and unique challenges and so an out-of-the-box product or service is not always the most appropriate or cost-effective solution to the issues faced by your organisation.

Cost Effective Tailored Data Solutions

Infologic are specialists in data management, manipulation and reporting with over 30 years’ experience of turning disparate data sources into easy to use business intelligence. We have undertaken hundreds of data analysis and reporting projects which means that we already possess the tools to undertake almost any data processing task which reduces the cost for you and allows us to hit very tight deadlines when required.

Our services start with an in depth discussion of your requirements and a detailed proposal of our recommendations and costs allowing you to decide whether you would like us to undertake the work for you.

Guaranteed Data Quality

There are hundreds of data sources available from online or off-line suppliers which will generally differ in price and quality. We have always only worked with the best and most reliable data available to ensure the solutions we provide are as robust and as accurate as possible. For this reason, we have partnerships with, amongst many others:

  • Royal Mail for UK address data (PAF)
  • Ordnance Survey for Geographic data and maps
  • Office For National Statistics foe census information and administrative geography
  • Highways Agency for road and traffic information
  • DBS for Business data

Recent Project Examples

We have conducted many data analysis and reporting projects since our inception. Here are just a few examples to illustrate the breadth of our service:

  1. Analysis of employee address records to establish the political footprint of a UK based manufacturer for Public Relations analysis and communications targeting.
  2. Identification of households within ground water areas.
  3. Creation of accurate location databases for roadside emergency assistance systems
  4. Creation of Postcode databases for identification of low income and vulnerable households that are eligible to receive specific energy efficiency packages.
  5. Identification of households falling within specified distances from proposed wind farm developments.
  6. Creation of Postcode location databases incorporating locality and county information to improve customer address data accuracy and analysis.

If you are not sure if we can help, please feel free to contact us with a summary of your requirement and we will be happy to discuss the requirement further with you.