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Address Logic

Address-to-Postcode and Postcode-to-Address services.
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Map Logic

Postcode Wall Maps and Mapping Services services

Map-Logic is a specialist map retailer and Postcode information provider with over 25 years experience in Postcode mapping services. Postcodes have become central to the operation of many UK businesses whether it is to plan sales territories, franchise areas, determine retail catchment areas or simply locate customers for home delivery. Map-Logic offers a range of published and digital products to assist in better business planning.
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List Logic

Mailing and Telephone Lists. Data and Marketing Services services

UK Business List Universe

We offer over 2.2 million traditional mailing & phone records spanning 2,700 business types. Plus all of our businesses lists are guaranteed! There are 192 telephone operators making circa 600,000 validations and updates every quarter and all of the records we sell are validated and certified as trading prior to supply.

New Start Ups - First Time in Business

The New Start Up file is extremely popular for many reasons. The main reason is that the businesses are going through a buying cycle as they quickly move to purchase designs, logos, stationery, office equipment, web sites, man power and so on. Therefore, they are much more likely to be looking to purchase when you contact them by mail or phone.

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Map Space

Plan your business territories, franchise areas, delivery zones and plot customer locations from just their Postcode with just a few mouse clicks

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Report Logic

Customised reports
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