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Terms Of Use

InfoLogic Ltd (InfoLogic) owns and or controls many products and brands including but not limited to List Logic, Map Logic, Free Postcode Maps, Map Space and Address Maps.  The Terms & Conditions below cover all InfoLogic's products and services and those offered through its brands and products, including any product that you purchase through any InfoLogic copyrighted website.

Privacy Policy

InfoLogic follows the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) guidelines and is registered with the Information Commissioners' Office (ICO).  Our company policy is such that we will not under any circumstance share, loan or provide any information / data collected without the sole authorisation of you the provider.  We allow third-party advertising on our websites who serve ads when you visit our website. These 3rd party companies do not use personal data; this means they are unable to see or access your name, address, email or telephone number but can see and collect information about what pages are visited on our websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services that appeal to you based on the products you've looked at; The pages you look at and your browsing history cannot be tied back to you as your personal details are not captured

When taking payments we do not store credit card details and will NEVER contact you using any of the details you provide unless explicitly concerned with the product/s you purchase, licence or lease, unless you have opted in for us to contact you.

General Terms & Conditions

A majority of the products sold by us contain Royal Mail and or Ordnance Survey data.  When a client purchases data from us they are agreeing to notify InfoLogic of their on-going intentions regarding use of the data on or before the 12 month anniversary - starting from the date the file was delivered or paid for (whichever is sooner).  Specifically, once your annual lease / licence period is up, we will need written confirmation from you that you have deleted and no longer refer to the data or files born out of the data we supplied to you.  This is very important as Royal Mail and or Ordnance Survey are quite fussy about who has their Crown Copyright data and if we don't tell them you've deleted the file they are likely to charge you for a further use (12 months is the minimum).  Likewise, to cancel the purchase / lease licence agreement / contract / order, we require written assurance from you that all data has been deleted and stress that any application or data built off the back of the data can no longer be accessed, including any copies or references to the product supplied.  Due to the bespoke and custom builds of the products offered, refunds for licenced data products cannot be given (this does not alter your consumer rights).  When you terminate your licence the service will end and you must delete all data and copies of data supplied under the licence before the licence would have renewed, which would be 12 months from the data it was ordered.  

For avoidance of doubt, by accepting InfoLogic’s Terms & Conditions you the client are agreeing to all points laid out above and in the Terms & Conditions that can be viewed and downloaded via this link:  Full Terms & Conditions by clicking here.